Men's Manicure - $ 150.00
(Men's nail care includes: nail clip, file, exfoliation, massage and buffing nails with oil) (70 min)
Natural Nail Buff & Shine - $60.00
Men's Foot Management - $250.00
(includes foot soak, cuticle care, nail clip, file, foot exfoliation, massage and buffing nails with oil.) (75min)
The Melt Down - $350.00 (deposit is required)
(A sea salt & sage pedicure. Includes cuticle care, shaping, foot filing, leg and foot mask, extra virgin olive oil massage, hot towels) (2 hr)
Sports Reflexology Massaging Pedicure - $500.00 (deposit is required)
(Start with a hot steaming foot soak, warm neck wrap and warm gloves. Next enjoy a gourmet soup, salad or sandwich along with a choice of several beverages. Our staff will then manicure your toes, exfoliate your legs, feet and start the massage you've been waiting on. When you wake up from your relaxing pedicure, you will be greeted with a special gift from The Pedicure Company  (2.5 hrs)
Add Callus Treatment To Any Pedicure - $45.00
*TPC Cancellation Policy*
 24 hour notice is required.
If a 24 hour notice is not given, the full service price will be charged.